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Pension Advice

If you are just starting work and beginning pension planning and want to know your options, Future First can help.

We are authorized and qualified to discuss the major types of Pension Plan relevant to persons without immediate access to viable Employer sponsored schemes. Indeed, even where an Employer Scheme is available, it may be worth discussing your Pension planning especially where you may have built up several Pension Plans from previous employment or self employments.


Personal Pensions

Personal and Stakeholder pensions form the basis of most retirement plans for individuals in the UK today. A good pension requires sound management and this is where we can help. Regular reviews of your pension and life-styling investment practices ensure your pension is in good hands. 

If you are self employed, you do not have access to an Employer Pension - advice on pension planning is especially important for you. We at Future First are able to discuss the best options for you that are affordable to you.

For people looking to invest larger regular contributions or lump sums into a pension, the use of a flexible, cost efficient pension scheme is important. One of the products Future First offers advice on are :-

Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)

Increasingly, SIPP’s are becoming a popular choice for clients. We can help you understand and get the most out of your SIPP arrangement dependant on your age, your income and your aspirations into retirement.


At Retirement

The options at retirement now can seem bewildering. In April 2015, the Government intoduced "Pension Freedom".

We can guide you through the process and all the options available to you looking at retirement options such as :

  • Lifetime Annuity
  • Open Market Options
  • Income Drawdown
  • Uncrystalised Lump Sums
  • Taking full lump sums whether via triviality or not
  • State Pension

We aim to advise you on all the relevant options for you and so take the worry out of your financial planning at this exciting time in your life.


Workplace Pensions

If you are a small company with employees, you will be effected by the Governments new Auto-Enrollment Laws - the Laws that make it compulsory to offer a Workplace Pension to most of your employees.

At Future First we have experience of setting up Workplace Pensions for employers and ensuring that they meet all of the statutory deadlines that surround these new products.

Dont get caught out at your Staging Date ; Be Prepared - give Future First a call to discuss firther.